Welcome to the website of the Fairfax Education Coalition.


Faye Wagoner is Chair of the Fairfax Education Coalition, a volunteer network of parents, teachers, and community members dedicated to strengthening public involvement with Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS).

The coalition advocates for improved accountability, transparency, and community participation in the FCPS decision making process.

During the last ten years the efforts of our group and individual members contributed to — completely or partially —   the accomplishment  of the following improvements to FCPS’s processes and operations:

  • Improved FCPS overall accountability resulting from  years of advocating for the creation of an Office of  Auditor General that is part of the FCPS school board. The Office of Audit General includes two members selected from the Fairfax community.
  • Changes to school bus schedules that allow all high school students to start later in the morning. This goal had been advocated for


2.  Transparency of FCPS – there have been a few wins, like posting more detailed data on class size.  Michele and I also identified the existence of Jack Dale’s ever-growing slush fund, and Karen Garza spent down some of that money.  We’ve also had minor impact on the web site, etc.


3.  Public engagement – Karen Garza did the listening tours and spent a LOT of time talking with different groups of parents and other stakeholders, especially when she first arrived.  I think FEC’s advocacy contributed to her decision along those lines.


Issue-specific achievements done with help from FEC members (but not with FEC direct organizational support) include later high school start times, grading scale changes and restoration of five HS honors courses, improvements in the quality of school cafeteria food, discipline reform, and the FCPS ES class size regulation.  We also went on record as a group supporting Full-Day KG.


Accountability – Transparency – Community Engagement