Our Positions

  • FEC recommends that the School Board review staff responses to school board advisory committee reports.
  • FEC supports providing the School Board with additional dedicated staff to facilitate oversight of FCPS.
  • FEC recommends that citizens be allowed to sign up to receive notice when new information has been posted to Board Docs.
  • FEC recommends that FCPS post additional agenda materials to the FCPS website to include: Staff assessments of alternatives to staff recommendations, and FCPS and other studies and analyses used to develop recommendations. 

According to the Strategic Governance manual of the School Board, the Superintendent is expected to offer professional advice to the Board with appropriate recommendations based on thorough study and analysis supported by ample information, including assessment of alternatives, to enable Board members to make informed decisions. There is no reason why this thorough study and analysis cannot be shared with the public. School Board members and the public occasionally are not provided relevant or significant staff analysis prior to a School Board decision on the issue. All documents today are electronic and it is easy to post them on the FCPS website. If documents cannot be made publicly available for privacy or other reasons, they should be identified and the reason given.

  • FEC supports allowing a minimum of four weeks between the time new business, including all relevant attachments, is posted in Board Docs and action is taken, except for time-sensitive matters.

Many public groups meet monthly and this allows time for advocacy and community groups to evaluate the new business and provide input. This also allows the School Board time to reflect on the new business and get input and information it needs.

  • FEC recommends that minutes of the work sessions and committee meetings be posted on the FCPS public website within 5 business days after the meeting including any motions, proposals, and votes for and against.

Minutes should include hyperlinks to the supporting documents and videos in the meeting agenda. These supporting materials should have descriptive titles.

  • FEC urges the School Board to post on the FCPS website proposed changes to FCPS policy and regulations to ensure timely response to a request from the public.

Send e-mail to citizens who sign up to receive information, solicit public comments, post those and then post final versions with explanations.

Accountability – Transparency – Community Engagement