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FEC Biographies


Louise Epstein, Chairman

Parent Organization: 

Louise Epstein is a co-founder and former budget chair of FEC, and the recording secretary of the McLean Citizens Association.

Therese Tuley, Vice Chairman

Terry is currently SLEEP chairman, as well as a member of Fairfax Zero Tolerance Reform and Coalition of the Silence.

Michele Menapace, Communications

Parent Organization: 

Michele Menapace has been an advocate for children in Fairfax County & throughout Virginia for more than 12 years, through involvement with local, county and state-level PTA.

Maria Allen

Maria is a former TV News Producer (ABC News) who now produces online educational content for the web.

Jody Bennett

Jody Bennett has a long history of involvement in the field of education. She has a Masters in Nursing Education and a Doctorate in Curriculum Instruction.

Sheree Brown-Kaplan

Parent Organization: 

Fairfax Alliance for Appropriate Public Education (FAAPE)

Sheree Brown-Kaplan is a long-time advocate for children with disabilities and a former At-Large candidate for the Fairfax County School Board.

Walt Carlson

Parent Organization: 

Parent Advocate

Walter Carlson has been an FCPS observer and activist for over 15 years.

Kim Farrell

Kim Farrell is a member of FairfaxCAPS which is a coalition of civic organizations, neighborhood associations, parents, homeowners, and area residents from throughout the region who are dedicated t

Kimberly Adams

Parent Organization: 

Kimberly Adams is the President of the Fairfax Education Association. In her 14 years of teaching in Fairfax, Kimberly has been a classroom teacher for 6 years and school librarian for 8 years.

JoAnne Hammermaster

Parent Organization: 

JoAnne Hammermaster is co-founder and president of Real Food For Kids, a group that strives to improve the quality of school food in FCPS.

Caroline Hemenway

Parent Organization: 

Caroline Hemenway is co-founder and director of, a group of concerned citizens who have convened to fight for reform of Fairfax County public school disciplinary

JoAnn Karsh

Parent Organization: 

JoAnn Karsh is the Executive Director of the Fairfax Education Association.

Janet Otersen

Parent Organization: 

Janet Otersen is a member of

Phyllis Payne

Phyllis Payne co-founded SLEEP (Start Later for Excellence in Education Proposal) and has been working to increase awareness of teen sleep needs and advocating for school start times that work for

Ginger Shea

Parent Organization: 

Fairfax Education Coalition

Virginia Fitz Shea is the author of the Full SchoolDays blog. She is chair of Schools Committee of the League of Women Voters of the Fairfax Area.

Dave Thomas

Parent Organization: 

Dave Thomas is a former Board Member of the Fairfax Education Association and former FCPS Teacher.

Beverly Jurenko

Parent Organization: 

Fairfax County Association for the Gifted

Beverly Jurenko is President of the Fairfax County Association for the Gifted. She currently serves on the Advanced Academic Programs Advisory Committee for the Fairfax County School Board.

Kate Van Dyck

Parent Organization: 

Restore Honors Courses

Kate Van Dyck is a parent of 2 FCPS students who attend/attended schools in the Cluster 4 area of Fairfax County.

Faye Wagoner

Parent Organization: 

Fairfax Education Coalition

Faye Wagoner, NBCT •Teacher for 33 years mostly in middle school English. Department Chair for 8 years. •National Board Certified in 1995.

Jeffrey Anderson

Parent Organization: 

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) -Fairfax

Since 2008, Jeff has been leading the effort within Fairfax County to get more children to walk and bicycle to school.

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