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FCFT President and FEC Board Member Steve Greenburg' s November 8,2012 School Board Testimony

November 12, 2012 by Therese Tuley

FCFT Fairfax County Federation of Teachers affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers/AFL-CIO
7011 Calamo Street, Suite 101  Springfield, Virginia 22510  (703) 451-6840 
Thursday, November 8, 2012
Dr. Dale, Chairman Moon, and Esteemed School Board Members,
My name is Steve Greenburg; I am the President of the Fairfax County Federation of Teachers. I come before you this evening representing over 4,200 FCFT members, in regards to 4.02 Strategic Governance Manual.
Specifically, I would like to address your revisions to Section 2: OEs:
5. Section 2: OEs
c. Treatment of Community Stakeholders (OE 3)—former Community Relations (added #4.d.)
OE-3 (pg 15)
Treatment of Community Stakeholders
The Superintendent shall maintain an organizational culture that treats community stakeholders with respect, dignity and courtesy, and shall assure that the public is adequately informed about the condition and direction of the district.
The Superintendent shall:
1. Maintain an organizational culture that:
a. Values individual differences of opinion.
b. Reasonably includes people in decisions that affect them.
c. Provides open and honest communication in all written and interpersonal interaction.
d. Focuses on common achievement of the Board’s Student Achievement Goals policies.
e. Maintains an open, responsive, and welcoming environment.
f. Effectively handles complaints.
2. Assure the timely flow of accurate and meaningful information.
3. Establish and maintain collaborative partnerships to advance the mission and goals of FCPS assuring appropriate input and ongoing, two-way, strategic, and meaningful dialog between the district and its diverse stakeholders.
4. Prepare and publish, on behalf of the Board, a clear, easily accessible and stand-alone annual progress report to the public that includes the following items:
a. Data indicating student progress toward accomplishing the Board’s Student Achievement Goals.
b. Information about Board policies, district strategies and operations intended to accomplish the Board’s Student Achievement Goals.
c. Revenues, expenditures, and costs of major programs and a review of the district’s financial condition.
d. Information about the district’s strategies to achieve the Board’s vision for the future of student achievement and potential barriers to achieving that vision.
FCFT Fairfax County Federation of Teachers affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers/AFL-CIO
7011 Calamo Street, Suite 101  Springfield, Virginia 22510  (703) 451-6840 
This entire school board is to be complimented on their work with the Strategic Governance manual. I think it appropriate to thank Mr. Storck in particular, for his outstanding efforts over many years to continually improve the document.
I believe the direction provided in the Strategic Governance manual is correct and good operating procedure. However, without proper implementation of those goals, the document is worthless and produces no substantial results.
Recent events with your math online decisions, and some concerns with middle school AAP centers encourage me to come before you tonight to remind you of what you have written, and your responsibility to the community to honor those promises.
As you move forward on those and other ‘future’ decisions, remember to hold your superintendent accountable for following through on these commitments, genuinely and comprehensively. Ensure that your community is always involved and informed, and resist the urge to make decisions too quickly if you have not engaged them thoroughly beforehand. Make sure you have all of the information you need, and many perspectives have been considered.
Let’s keep the main people the main people.
Right now our students, parents, teachers, and community stakeholders should be the focus. Our instructional goals should be determined based upon their needs, by providing them with the choices and support necessary to be their best. We can only ascertain what those needs are by genuinely engaging them all.
Every student, parent, and teacher matters.
Every day.
Thank you for your time this evening, and your service to Fairfax County.
Steven L. Greenburg President, Fairfax County Federation of Teachers AFT / AFL-CIO #2401 "FCFT members educate, protect, and love our children. They are the BEST, and DESERVE the BEST."

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