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LETTER: Inconsistent and Unreliable?

Published on: 
Thu, 08/19/2010
Media Source: 
Connection Newspapers

A close look at the data provided by the “staff” on which the current School Board claims to have based its decision to close Clifton Elementary offers a disconcerting picture of inconsistencies and reveals the use of unreliable and even arbitrary parameters. Community members and interested parties have combed through hundreds of pages from final staff reports and planning studies in a process that has lasted approximately a year. Throughout this concerted effort to be involved in a decision that would impact their community, professionals, neighbors, parents, everyone contributed their options, solutions and improvements to the concerns and issues raised within the study period. Personally, as I combed through 300 plus pages of results, reports, maps, commentary etc. in my experience as a professional of architecture, urban planning and public administration, the discrepancies jumped immediately on my radar. It doesn’t take long to realize the following pattern: pursuit of an ever-changing target that would come to justify a vote for closure.

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